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    40-Man Phone Scam Gang Caught By Dubai Police

    The Dubai Police department has apprehended 40 individuals who called people over their phones and posed as employees belonging to a telecommunication company, deceiving them into thinking that they have won prizes worth around Dh 200,000 and convincing them to transfer Dh 2,000 via a money transfer to claim their rewards.

    The police department arrested the men who were behind the con, whom were hidden in two flats that they had rented in Farreej Al Murar area in Dubai.

    Colonel Omer bin Hamad, the deputy director of anti-economic crime of the Dubai Police had stated that the department had received a tip regarding a large number of Asians that were visiting two flats at a routine time.

    The police kept a vigilant eye on the flats for a couple of days and discovered that a group of men had frequented the flat from 9 am to 12 pm, followed by another 3-hour shift from 3 pm to 6 pm. After obtaining a warrant and sufficient legal documentation that allowed the police department to check the flats out, the Dubai Police went in for the arrest.

    The Dubai Police department had found that the suspects had been calling people at random and posing as employees from a well-known telecommunication company and deceiving them into believing that they had won a prize and that all they had to do to redeem it, is to transfer Dh 2,000 via a money exchange office in Dubai.

    Colonel Omer had stated that 90 phones were confiscated from the conmen and that 110 lines with different phone numbers were being used. He also stated that the police secured Dh 60,000.

    The conmen used a software program to locate vulnerable people. The police arrested the conmen and found out that the most of the suspects were on a visiting visa and that some could even speak Arabic. The suspects were referred to the Dubai public prosecution.

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    Pregnant Woman Sits Next To Tiger, Who’s Reaction When He Notices Her Baby Bump Has Gone Viral

    Animals are smart creatures and sometimes they can sense things just like humans can. This story proves just how true this statement is.

    Brittany Smith-Osborne was visiting the Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana with a group of friends when she found this out for herself.

    Among her group of friends was a woman by the name of Natasha who was 27-weeks along in her pregnancy.

    They were all curious as to why the tiger seemed to be paying so much attention to Natasha. All of the ladies were cooing and “aww-ing” at the sight as Natasha was taking selfies with the tiger who was behind some glass.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or be scared,” said one of the girls who was off camera. “That is so crazy.”

    “I want to pet him,” said another.

    This is exactly when one of the girls appeared to catch on to why the tiger was so curious about Natasha.

    One of the girls asked: “Do you think it knows your pregnant?” “Do you think it’s after you because you’re with a baby?”

    Natasha then decided to find out if this hypothesis was true, so she stood up on a ledge and pressed her baby bump against the glass toward the tiger.


    Turns out the tiger was very interested in her baby.

    The huge cat started sniffing around her baby then began nuzzling up against the glass where her baby bump was before walking off.

    “Awwwwwwww,” Natasha said.

    The girls got to prove what a truly remarkable creature the tiger was and how keen his or her senses are.

    We all realized that the tiger was very interested in her baby bump,” Smith-Osborne, who captured the entire encounter on video, said to FOX 26.

    The video has ended up going viral and the zoo also shared it on Facebook saying, “This is why the zoo is here – to help make connections to nature.”“I am so excited that I was able to capture that sweet moment,” Smith-Osborne said.


    The video was shared over 5 million times on Break Clips’ YouTube channel.

    Some viewers on YouTube argued that Natasha would have ended up as a nice meal for the tiger if the glass wasn’t there. Others, however, were completely convinced that the tiger was just interested in her baby bump.



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    KFC Releases Bath Bomb Which Will Leave You Smelling Like Fried Chicken

    Lying in the bath tub is probably one the most relaxing things in life.

    The beautiful scents of rose, fruity berry or jasmine in your bath water can take your cares away.

    Now there’s a rather unique new kind of bath mate trending…

    What do you think about chilling in a bath which smells of a family bucket of KFC?

    For some fried chicken fanatics, this would probably be their idea of heaven on Earth…

    KFC and novelty retailers, Village Vanguard (the geniuses behind soup baths) have *at last* come together and joined forces to create a KFC bath bomb.

    It is officially known as ‘Chicken Smell Bathing Powder’ and is packed full of the Colonel’s top secret potion of 11 herbs and spices.

    To add another dose of realism, the deep-fried frother is shaped just like a hearty drumstick BUT just don’t be tempted to take a bite!

    So close your eyes, apply a nice helping of grease and gravy to your hands and you’ll feel as though you’re truly lying on the floor of your local KFC branch, soaking up those good vibes.

    No surprise – the fragrant bomb has caused an explosion of excitement on social media

    One woman said:

    Might quit my job and sell homemade KFC bath-bombs on Etsy

    Another wise person wrote:

    Be thankful you exist at the same time as KFC bath bombs.

    might quit my job and sell homemade KFC bath-bombs on Etsy

    — Audrey Porne (@AudreyPorne) October 1, 2017

    Be thankful you exist at the same time as kfc bath bombs

    — $cott (@dollarsigncott) November 2, 2017

    But sadly, only a handful of crispy chicken fanatics will be able to enjoy this rather unique experience.

    You must be living in Japan, first of all.

    Exactly 100 people will be chosen, via lottery each day from 1 November to 15 November! Lucky fish… (I mean chicken)

    Kfc and bath bomb. Classic self care combo

    — apollo 2000 (@italodiscopolo) October 8, 2017

    In order to be in with the chance of winning the coveted prize, you have to retweet the following KFC tweet, all the while crossing your greesy fingers.

    The lucky winners will also receive a red and white KFC-branded box along with a coupon for a ‘Secret Combination Pack’, containing some of the most popular menu items.


    11月1日(水)から始まる #秘伝のコンビパック 発売記念キャンペーンの🎁が完成しました😃

    なんと、今回は #ヴィレッジヴァンガード さんとコラボレーション❤

    チキン型のこれ🍗いったいなーんだ❓#分かった人はRT #KFC

    ケンタッキーフライドチキン (@KFC_jp) October 30, 2017

    This isn’t the only time KFC have pecked their way into your beauty regime.

    They’ve also made it possible to smother KFC sunscreen over yourselves and paint your nails with edible nail polishes flavours, including Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy.

    There are no current plans to launch the product in any other countries sadly.

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    Artist Creates A Stunning Music Video In The Deserts Of Dubai

    A true work of talent shows a true meaning to life. This video was made by a 2 man crew.

    Singer/song writer Sandeep Sequeira from his solo project ‘Palayan‘  and film maker Saad Shehzad, collaborated to create this work of art.


    The singer and songwriter brings a variety of influences to his work as Palayan, punctuating deeply personal lyrics with impeccable musical choices. Straddling elements of alternative rock, folk, fusion and electro pop, he creates stunning soundscapes that feel fragile, vulnerable and unpredictable. ”

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    14-Year-Old Model Dies After Working In Gruelling 12-Hour Fashion Show

    A 14-year-old Russian model has died after a grueling 12-hour fashion show in China.

    Vlada Dzyuba reportedly collapsed just before walking out onto the catwalk in Shanghai, The Siberian Times reported.

    The teen was found to be suffering from chronic meningitis “compounded by severe exhaustion” and remained in a coma for two days before she passed away.

    Vlada reportedly collapsed after her temperature soared while she was waiting for her next appearance.

    It is believed that the young model was too ‘scared’ to ask for medical help and was working well over her contract of a maximum three hours a week.

    It is alleged that the 14-year-old was unable to be taken to hospital for treatment because she did not have medical insurance, despite being on a three-month contract with a prominent Chinese modeling agency.

    It is unclear who is to blame for her not having medical insurance.

    The recruitment of young female models in China is on the rise, often between 14 and 16,  from Russia and especially Siberia to work at catwalk shows.

    The topic was uncovered in a documentary Extreme Model Factory by presenter Reggie Yates in his 2015 Extreme Russia series.

    Vlada’s mother was not able to reach her daughter before she died, and she told the television programme NTV: “She was calling me, saying ‘Mama, I am so tired. I so much want to sleep.”

    “I didn’t sleep myself and was calling her constantly, begging her to go to hospital,” she added.

    Vlada’s family has contacted the Russian state to ask for help finding answers.

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    Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Back Together

    So, Selena broke up with her ex-boyfriend (The Weekend) who she had been dating early this year.

    Here are some photos that suggest Jelena is back.

    You can see how happy she is

    and him also

    They were seen bike riding together and going for a walk.

    too close 😉 cute

    November 1: Selena seen out and about with Justin Bieber in Los Angeles, California.

    — LifeWithSelG™ Media (@LWSGMedia) November 1, 2017

    Well, these pictures tell me a lot. We are just waiting for them to officially announce it.

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    16 Snacks Only 90s Kids Could Remember

    Growing up in Dubai was special to a lot of people and they have a fond memoery of their snacks they used to purchase.

    So us in DubaiLAD came up with a list of  snacks we used to have or still have to this day from the 90s.

    1) The famous chips Oman

    2) Ice pops

    3) Loved to squeze these

    4) Ring pops allways wanted to propose to my wife with this

    5) Any flavour gums

    6) Pofaki so addticing

    7) Meal for 1 please

    8) Candy sticks pretending to smoke when I had one

    9) So cheap and tasty

    10)  The best gum you could ever get 🙁

    11) Them jello shots, I could easily have 10 and still want more

    12) Favorite part was the popping

    13) Pizza gummy was the best

    14) Had a packet in my pocket all the time

    15) Yummy

    16) I still love them to this day

    What other memories do you remember  ?

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    Soccer Player Needs 10 Stitches to His Penis After Injured by His Own Team-Mate

    Heard of the word Frenemies? In other words, who needs enemies when you have friends like these?

    Albacete defender Mariano Bittolo recently suffered an injury that will make every man cringe. It happened in the Spanish Segunda Division on Saturday—and he had his own team-mate to blame.

    Roman Zozulya’s flying boot caught Bittolo in the family jewels in the 82nd minute of the clash against SD Huesca, and the damage was ugly.

    Reuters reported: “Club doctor Eduardo Rodriguez told Spanish newspaper Marca the player needed 10 stitches to the affected area immediately after being substituted.

    Watch the painful moment here:

    Major Ouch!

    Despite the injury, Bittolo isn’t expected to miss any matches, surprisingly.

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    5 Star Hotel Allows You To Request For A Pet Goldfish In Your Room

    Have you ever wanted a pet goldfish in your resort room to complete your stay? Have you ever noticed that something was amiss in the room that you are staying in?

    Chances are that you will not at the Westin Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina, where guests can now request a goldfish in their room as part of a ‘Westin Wellness’ initiative.

    According to the resort, it’s part of a trial on the benefits of the classic childhood pet helping guests to practice mindfulness and aids guests in sleeping, eating, moving and playing well while at the complex.

    For some of us, it takes a while to get a good night’s rest in a strange bed. So perhaps this is the answer to that problem.

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    Video Showing Man Refusing To Sell Portrait Of Sheikh Zayed Goes Viral

    A carpet dealer is holding onto a black and white portrait that he says has been in his shop since 1994 and has refused to sell the photo – even for Dh 100,000.  The Afhgani carpet seller who had refused to sell a portrait of Sheikh Zayed has gone viral on social media, where the clip shows the man refusing to budge on selling the picture of Sheikh Zayed to an Emirati man who took the video.

    This is Baba Zayed. This picture is not for sale”, the Afghani carpet seller kept repeating as the man persistently tried to get the man to sell him the portrait.

    Gulf News approached Musa Khan, the Afghani carpet seller where he talked about the portrait and how it has been on the door of his shop in Mina Zayed market in Abu Dhabi for 24 years.

    Abdul Khader, his father, had started the carpet business in Abu Dhabi 40 years ago and his partner had bought 10 pictures of Sheikh Zayed back in 1980, where some were kept in the partner’s shop in Al Ain and the rest in Abu Dhabi.

    The black and white picture has been in the shop ever since it was first established by the order of Sheikh Zayed back in 1994. He claimed that Sheikh Zayed had visited the market and used to buy carpets from his shop. He explains how customers are usually curious about the portrait and how some even ask to buy it, he explains how it is unacceptable to sell the portrait for any price by anyone, stating that their love for the late Sheikh Zayed is priceless.


    Musa Khan had stated that he offered Friday prayers at SheikhZayed Mosque because of his love for him and declared that he would not sell the portrait even for a million dirhams.

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