10 Bad Habits You Should Stop Doing to Your Teeth

Over time you can damage your teeth if you contiune with these bad habbits, so it’s for the best to stop while you can. Here is a list of things that can damage your teeth.

 1) Thumb sucking

Although this may apply to kids, but it is better to stop them while you can when they are older.

2) Have less lemons

It is very acidic and can cause severe damage to teeth, it could lead to eat away at your enamel.

3) Avoid brushing too hard.

4) Say no to jaw clenching and teeth grinding

It can cause irreversible damage and costly repairs.

5) Dont chew on ice

It can chip your teeth or if you’re mindless enough chomping on ice can irritate the soft tissue inside a tooth and leave damages.

6) Tongue Piercings

This can leave to gum problems, teeth cracks and many more bacterial infection. If not taken care of, best not to get one.

7) Gummy candies

High in sugar content and hard to eat leaving a bad impact if you’re eating a lot.

8) Opening things with your teeth

Just use a a knife or a pair of scissors around so you won’t need to chip your teeth

9) Chewing on pencils

This habit can cause teeth to chip or crack.


10) Smoking

Smoking can lead to many problems for your health, but needless to say it can ruin your teeth and leave bad stains.



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