10 Crazy Moments Caught On Camera While Driving In Dubai

Driving in Dubai is safe until one goes off the rules. So here are so crazy things you might see in Dubai or the Arab region. They are listed if they are in Dubai!

  1. Arab Guy Rides His Quad Bike On The High Way

2) Just a camel chase nothing more LOL!

3) Just a sports car dream

4) This is not Dubai, but still are they making love or?? LOL

5) A chain of gold plated cars! WOW

6) Not even a road rage lol (not dubai)

7) Well I don’t mind being stuck in this traffic jam!

8) Only in Dubai!

9) Why go skating when you can do this (not dubai)

10) a casual day for this lion

Just don’t break the rules as it can lead to imprisonment or a heavy fine.


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