10 Things Not To Do In Dubai!

Dubai is A beautiful multi-cultural city you can visit, Dubai homes some of the biggest and best attractions for its residence and the tourist. Such as the fancy malls you can go shopping, skiing in the indoor ski dome and even go to its amazing water parks next the beaches.

How ever, its not all fun when you break the rules, so here are 10 definite things not to do when in Dubai.

1. Don’t Drink in Public

Although you have to be 21 and over to be drinking in hotels or specif restaurants that serve the beverage.  Dubai doesn’t tolerate with anyone drinking in public what so ever. There was a case recently with a British guy drinking in public which lead him to his arrest for public indecency.


2. Don’t Do Drugs

Just say no, Dubai does not also tolerate at all with drugs in any case what so ever. People have been jailed with less than a gram of marijuana, Even prescription pharmaceuticals and some over-the-counter medications may be considered contraband. Just be smart and respect the law of the country.

3. No Song and Dance

Well you are allowed to dance and listen to music on the dance floor in clubs, discos any where that will not disturb the public, blasting your loud music and dancing in public can get you in toruble.

4. Watch Your Photography

Be respectful when you come and visit Dubai do not be taking pictures of the locals, this is illegal as you are breaching their privacy, it is considered rude and intrusive to snap shots of people, especially women, without expressed permission.

5. Don’t Pucker Up in Public

PDA (Public display of affection) is considered indecent in Dubai, it could getting you sent to prison. Making out best to keep it as a private session and not to be done in public. A few years back a British couple was jailed for having sex on a beach, but even lesser affectionate gestures can get you in trouble too. One twosome was arrested for locking lips in the back of a taxi – that’s not private enough here. Even a casual peck on the cheek between friends should be avoided.

6. Watch Your Tongue

Do not swear in public out loud as it can get you in trouble, a while ago a tourist was charged as he  happened to say ” what the fu** to an undercover cop. Just keep your mouth sealed when you want to swear out in public, because remember this is considered a serious, punishable offense and more than a handful of foreigners have been imprisoned for making an off-the-cuff comment.

7. No Nudity

Well this kind of obvious, no nudity is allowed any where any time in public. People are advised to look at signs that will tell you what is or not allowed (dress code). Respect the laws again.

8. Keep Your LGBT Lifestyle on the QT

As it is an Muslim country people have to respect the rules, Any sexual relations outside of a traditional heterosexual marriage is considered a crime in Dubai. Even cross-dressing is illegal here.


9. Don’t Eat in Public During Ramadan

In the holy month of Ramadan it is advised not to be eating out in public, UAE has been nice enough for the tourist to keep the food courts open and to be setting in their with comfort to eat. But do not leave the area where it is not permitted to eat, it can get you a ticket.

10. (Only advised – out of respect )Don’t Use Your Left Hand

Well this will not get you arrested or ticketed its just out of respect. The left hand is culturally used for ‘body hygiene’ in the Islamic faith, so be respectful and avoid using it in these circumstances. Do not ever greet anyone with your left hand. Opening doors with it. And definitely do not use it you to eat with your left hand. It’s just considered unclean even if you’ve just washed up with a vat of antibacterial soap. It’s okay to drink with your left hand, however. Naturally left-handed people should try to become ambidextrous as best they can in these situations to avoid offending the locals.

Well if you follow these rules in Dubai you should not be worried about much, Dubai is a very safe environment and amazing things to be explored.



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