10 Biggest Lies That You Were Taught In School

 Let’s Take A Look At 10 Biggest Lies That You Were Taught In School

1. You’ve Just Use Only 10% Of Your Brain

If you really believed, well, your brain had only been using ten percent. However according to Barry Gordon, who is a famous neurologist, we use nearly every part of our brain and it is active almost every single time. It’s only movies such as Lucy and limitless that lead us to believe otherwise. And the final and most egregious and vital lie on this list was the idea passed along that we in fact only use about ten percent of our brains.

2. Isaac Newton’s Apple

The Issac Newton’s story is the popular story that you have probably been told when you are at school. We were believed that Isaac Newton invented his theory of gravity founded on an Apple falling from a tree and falling to his head. Nowadays whether this was just a ploy so as to make us more participated with learning or not.

It’s just not the case, well not completely, the story about Issac Newton and the Apple is mostly true, it occurred and Newton did created his theory. But the Apple only fell to the ground and never hit him on the head at all.

3. Vincent Van Gogh’s Ear

It’s definitely the biggest lies taught by school

Many many of us were probably taught in school is that Vincent van Gogh, a very famous artist, really cut off his own ear. Well obviously that’s not the truth! Latest research about this is shown that one of van Gogh’s ear has actually sliced off by a fellow artist named Paul Gauguin during a sword fight with Vincent. WOW! My whole life was a lie.

4. Evolution From Apes

This next one that I’m gonna tell you rightnow is surprised me a little bit. So everyone’s heard the story that humans have developed from apes like relatives right? Yes, again, not the truth, in the theory of evolution only the most suitable species survive and the obsolete generally died out.

If this is the case and we had evolved directly from apes then all Apes would be dead by now. It’s more likely that the apes is a common ancestor to us not a direct ancestor.

5. Color of Chameleon

Now many of us were convinced that chameleon changes its colors as a method of camouflaging themselves against their surroundings. Well that’s a total big lie! Somewhat colors on these smart lizards in fact alter based on how they regulate their body temperature and it’s also a mating habit.

6. Abraham Lincoln And Slaver

It was widely believed that Abraham Lincoln known occasionally as ‘Honest Abe’ was strongly against America’s slavery possession and that this was the main reason leading to the Civil War. It was mostly the truth that Lincoln was once against slavery.

However, Abe’s main political aims were to make the distant bond between the northern and southern American States a lot stronger than they were at the time.

7. Gravity In Space

Another bogus fact we were taught to believe in school is that there is no gravity at all in the outer space. However, as one dig deeper into science, in fact there is gravity present in space, and tt’s what holds our entire solar system together. It is, however, obvious that the gravity in space is significantly weaker to the centralized force here on earth.

8. Founding Fathers Of America And Christianity

One myth that has been taught in most American history classes is that all of the founding fathers were Christian faithful believer. This again was a big lie, as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin themselves were both declared as deist.

They didn’t particularly follow any religion but due to nature’s great wonders believed that there was a God. As well as this John Adams was a Unitarian and only after the death of his son that Alexander Hamilton was converted to Christianity.

9. Stripes In American Flag

You might have been taught that the 13 stripes on the American’s flag were to symbolize the 13 colonies that originally settled here.

Well, it is actually wrong as there were only 12 original colonies: Delaware was never a spade colony when the British took it from the Dutch. It was then passed between Pennsylvania and Maryland for a period of time.

10. Deep Blue Veins Color

Now we were all told that when you see those deep blue veins in your arm they are actually deoxygenated blood cells flowing through your arms. Well despite what you’ve been told, the truth is blood isn’t and never will be blue, it’s simply just a trick played on you in the way that your eyes are perceiving the color.

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