16 Snacks Only 90s Kids Could Remember

Growing up in Dubai was special to a lot of people and they have a fond memoery of their snacks they used to purchase.

So us in DubaiLAD came up with a list of  snacks we used to have or still have to this day from the 90s.

1) The famous chips Oman

2) Ice pops

3) Loved to squeze these

4) Ring pops allways wanted to propose to my wife with this

5) Any flavour gums

6) Pofaki so addticing

7) Meal for 1 please

8) Candy sticks pretending to smoke when I had one

9) So cheap and tasty

10)  The best gum you could ever get 🙁

11) Them jello shots, I could easily have 10 and still want more

12) Favorite part was the popping

13) Pizza gummy was the best

14) Had a packet in my pocket all the time

15) Yummy

16) I still love them to this day

What other memories do you remember  ?

What do you think?

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