40-Man Phone Scam Gang Caught By Dubai Police

The Dubai Police department has apprehended 40 individuals who called people over their phones and posed as employees belonging to a telecommunication company, deceiving them into thinking that they have won prizes worth around Dh 200,000 and convincing them to transfer Dh 2,000 via a money transfer to claim their rewards.

The police department arrested the men who were behind the con, whom were hidden in two flats that they had rented in Farreej Al Murar area in Dubai.

Colonel Omer bin Hamad, the deputy director of anti-economic crime of the Dubai Police had stated that the department had received a tip regarding a large number of Asians that were visiting two flats at a routine time.

The police kept a vigilant eye on the flats for a couple of days and discovered that a group of men had frequented the flat from 9 am to 12 pm, followed by another 3-hour shift from 3 pm to 6 pm. After obtaining a warrant and sufficient legal documentation that allowed the police department to check the flats out, the Dubai Police went in for the arrest.

The Dubai Police department had found that the suspects had been calling people at random and posing as employees from a well-known telecommunication company and deceiving them into believing that they had won a prize and that all they had to do to redeem it, is to transfer Dh 2,000 via a money exchange office in Dubai.

Colonel Omer had stated that 90 phones were confiscated from the conmen and that 110 lines with different phone numbers were being used. He also stated that the police secured Dh 60,000.

The conmen used a software program to locate vulnerable people. The police arrested the conmen and found out that the most of the suspects were on a visiting visa and that some could even speak Arabic. The suspects were referred to the Dubai public prosecution.

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