6,000 Kg Trash Stash Fished Out Of Dubai Waters

Ropes, tyres, cans and even electrical appliances, and that is just skimming the tip of what was retrieved from the waters of Dubai.

The General Department of Transport and Rescue at Dubai Police, alongside the Ports Police Station, and recently carried out an annual clean-up campaign at Al Hamriya Port in Dubai. Police officers, about 265 amateur and professional divers, as well as a 13 year old, participated in a campaign to clean out the waters of Dubai.

Deputy director of the Port Police Station, Colonel Saeed Al Madhani stated that the environmental initiative is continuing, for its fourth consecutive year to achieve the goal it has strived for in attempting to create a clean marine environment. The colonel also called on workers and fishermen to protect their marine environment, as the Gulf’s waters happen to be their source of heavily relied income.

Image credit: gulf news

Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Abdullah Al Naqbi, who happens to be the director of the Sea Rescue Department in the Dubai Police Department, explained how the campaign was made up of 7 diving points that enabled volunteers to recover the majority of the toxic waste that threatened the marine life and environment.



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