69 New Emoji’s To Hit iPhone iOS

Image credit: Twitter

It’s no secret that in this generation, “Generation X”, that one of their most prevalent forms of communication is via emoji’s. Be it as a response to a text, a reaction to a text, or an entire story made up of emoji’s alone!

The fact that the iOS systems are releasing 69 new emoji’s for us to express ourselves in, is huge!

Come this spring, around late October or early November, a new set of emoji’s will be hitting up your iPhones for new ways to express your happiness, disdain, surprise, or disgust! As well as activity expressive emoji’s such as meditation and rock climbing!

The new emoji’s will be available in the next iOS update version; 11.1 and will arrive in about a month according to a statement by Apple last week.

The following is a list of all emoji’s that are present in the new update obtained from the official Emojipedia twitter account, excluding skin tones, which can be picked by holding your finger on the desired emoji and sliding over the desired skin tone:

Image credit: Twitter

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