”Bling King” Adam Ali Avoids Jail Time

 Adam Ali, known as the “Bling King”, avoided jail time after flying through the motorway at over 120 mph in his Porsche with a foot on the dashboard and a shiny golden Rolex on his wrist.

The 29-year-old Bling King escapes doing jail time by flying over to Dubai,  2 days before his trial.

Police officers found an iPhone containing around 1,000 videos, alongside 19 bullets in his home in Harlow, Essex. The Bling King was previously convicted of two counts where he was driving in a dangerous manner at Southwark Crown Court, UK and was sentenced to 6 months in jail alongside a £2,800 fine.

Amongst the videos on the iPhone are two clips showing Adam Ali flashing his gold Rolex watch as he speeds down the highway in his Porsche at a speed of about 100 mph with his foot resting on the dashboard on October 2015.

Another clip was found on the same phone that showed Adam Ali speeding and hitting 147 mph along the A414 line between Harlow and London in his white Carrera Turbo S. Other videos that were found were of the Bling King driving a car at extreme speeds with his one-year-old son in the passenger seat.

The judge that overlooked his case. Judge Martin Beddoe, exclaimed that he was an arrogant, egotistical individual amongst others that use the highway this way and that public roads should not be used as if they are race tracks so as to endanger the lives of the public.

After the verdict and sentence of stripping him off his driving privileges back in February, Adam Ali also faces a two and a half year sentences that keeps him off the roads for a total of 3 years if he ever sets foot in the United Kingdom again. As of yet, the Bling King is currently holed up in Dubai with no fixed address.


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