Adults-Only Cruise To Set Sail In 2020

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to be bothered with children on your holidays? Have you wished you didn’t hear kids crying during dinner or hoped parents would stop their wild kids from running around, causing a ruckus while you’re enjoying a trip you’ve paid a lot for?

You’re in luck, especially if you enjoy cruising through the Caribbean! Richard Branson has announced the first-ever adult’s only cruise line. This new arm of his Virgin travel brand, Virgin Voyages, is set to launch it’s first cruise in 2020 and will only allow cruisers aged 18 and above.

The cruise line will be based in Miami and will have itineraries throughout the gorgeous Caribbean. Imagine taking in the views of the ocean and islands in complete peace! Also, imagine enjoying many activities onboard without worrying a child or family may be bothered by your adult activities! It’s not that we are animals when there are no kids around; we just tend to behave differently around kids, right?

Besides being kid-free, these ships will offer a new level of sophistication and luxury in its design.  Inspired by super-yachts, the vessels will feature smoky grey glass, adding elegance to the ultra-sleek yacht design. Further, 93% of staterooms will have “sea terraces” with an ocean view!

The ships are designed to hold 2,700 passengers and there will be 1,150 crew members to make it the best possible experience.

What inspired Branson to create this adults-only theme?  After a lot of research, he got this feedback: there are plenty of people who want to travel without kids. Some are parents who want a break and some travelers have no children but don’t want their experience changed by other peoples’ kids.

What do you think? Would you like to take a holiday on the high seas with no kids around?

Image credit: Virgin Voyages

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