Ethiopian Prince Marries American Girl After They Met In A Nightclub

After meeting a man in a bar in Washington DC, An American woman became a princess. The man turned out to be an African Prince…

Ariana Austin and lawyer Joel Makonnen – a great-grandson of Haile Selassie I, the last emperor of Ethiopia – were married in a ceremony last month. The married 12 years after they met on the dance floor of the bar.

According to their wedding website, the couple always believed it ‘was written’ that they would fall in love and the ceremony was a meeting of ‘Old World aristocracy and New World charm’.

The site also states that: “Ariana grew up in Washington DC and studied English Literature at Fisk University and Arts, Education, and Creative Writing at Harvard. Formerly, she worked as a curator of arts experiences connected to cities in DC, NYC, and Camden, NJ. Today, she works in philanthropy.”


Meanwhile, Joel was born in Rome and he grew up in France and Switzerland due to his family being exiled following a military coup in Ethiopia.


It goes on to say: “He attended Skema Business School in France then continued his studies in the US, at American University and Howard Law School. He now works in the international legal affairs department of Otsuka, a Japanese company.”

Makonnen also the New York Times that just five minutes after he met Austin, he said to her: “You’re going to be my girlfriend.” Talk about a fast mover!


Speaking about the ceremony, friend of the pair Dhonielle Clayton said: “Two of my favorite humans made it official this weekend. I’ve been waiting for this wedding for ten years. Austin and I frolicked in Paris chasing James Baldwin in our early twenties, trying to figure out how’d we take over the world with our pens.


“She’d just met Makonnen and I remember him visiting us there. They’re the best! Husband and wife, and also, prince and princess, H.I.H Prince Joel Makonnen Haile Selassie and Princess Ariana Makonnen Haile Selassie! Congrats, my loves!”

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