Ajman Police Prevents Expat Family From Becoming Homeless

Image credit: KhaleejTimes.com

On Wednesday, the community support center of Ajman Police ended the suffering of an Uzbek family.

Their action prevented a 38-year-old mother, 71-year-old grandmother and a child, aged 9 from being homeless.

Ajman Police, in coordination with child protection department at Ministry of Interior (MoI) and General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in Dubai (DNRD), rescued the family after they were thrown out of their apartment, which had been rented from a real estate office in Ajman.

The family was failing to pay the rent because the mother, who supported the family, was serving a jail term for being involved in cases of bounced cheques.

Image credit: KhaleejTimes.com

Captain Wafa Al Hosani, who’s the director of the community support center at Ajman Police, said that they managed to reunite the 9-year-old child with his mother and grandmother. This happened following the DNRD exempting the fines on the child and his mother for violating the residency law for eight years, and the grandmother for four years.

Ajman Police reportedly bought plane tickets for all of them and gave them some money to start a new life in their home country. The family left on Wednesday for their home, from Dubai International Airport after the MoI, in coordination with Uzbekistan consulate, who have issued documents for the child who had no documentation since his birth.

Luda Mila, the grandmother, appreciated the unprecedented humanitarian gesture of the Ajman Police, MoI and DNRD for the help that they extended to her family.

Image credit: KhaleejTimes.com

“I have always heard about the generosity of the UAE. So, I am not surprised by this gesture.”
The gran praised the leadership of the country for their guidance in providing every bit of help to many UAE residents.

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