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    Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Back Together

    So, Selena broke up with her ex-boyfriend (The Weekend) who she had been dating early this year. Here are some photos that suggest Jelena is back. You can see how happy she is and him also They were seen bike riding together and going for a walk. too close 😉 cute November 1: Selena seen […] More

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    16 Snacks Only 90s Kids Could Remember

    Growing up in Dubai was special to a lot of people and they have a fond memoery of their snacks they used to purchase. So us in DubaiLAD came up with a list of  snacks we used to have or still have to this day from the 90s. 1) The famous chips Oman 2) Ice […] More

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    10 Bad Habits You Should Stop Doing to Your Teeth

    Over time you can damage your teeth if you contiune with these bad habbits, so it’s for the best to stop while you can. Here is a list of things that can damage your teeth.  1) Thumb sucking Although this may apply to kids, but it is better to stop them while you can when […] More

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    Guy Finds Fish That Was Grown Into A Plastic Ring

    This guy found a fish that was grown into a plastic ring! He wasn’t very happy with what he saw so he took it to Facebook to show awareness for the wrong doing, with a simple cleaning up our waste it wouldn’t leave negative results such as this insistent. That small plastic could easily been […] More

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    6 Perfect Dips That We All Love To Have With Our Snacks

    We all love to have a good dip with our snacks, but what are the best ones to have them with? We wrote this list favouring the dips in order of people’s liking. 1. Hummus 2. Muhammara 3. Labneh with Za’atar 4. Baba Ghannoush 5. Zhug 6. Tahini What goes good with the dips? Comment […] More

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    ISIS Terrorist Plot To Attack Prince George Has Been Uncovered Now

    A terrorist threat aimed at Prince George has been uncovered by security services. A Telegram warning was sent stating ‘even the royal family will not be left alone.’ A picture of the young prince was added in the message, (Another photo, of his school in Battersea, south London, was also included.) They wrote, “school starts […] More

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    10 Words That Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read!

    Are you guys having perfect vision? Most of the people often find it difficult to distinguish the difference between colors. People often don’t test their eyesight and say I don’t need to take any kind of tests to make sure that I’m not colorblind. We’re going to take a test and there are a lot […] More

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    10 Crazy Moments Caught On Camera While Driving In Dubai

    Driving in Dubai is safe until one goes off the rules. So here are so crazy things you might see in Dubai or the Arab region. They are listed if they are in Dubai! Arab Guy Rides His Quad Bike On The High Way 2) Just a camel chase nothing more LOL! 3) Just a […] More

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    A Saudi Singer Was Arrested For Dabbing During A Concert

    TV host, actor and Saudi national Abdallahh Al Shahani, was performing the dance move, involving  a person to tuck their head into the crook of their arm. Dabbing is stircly prohibated in Saudi Arabia, the country where authorities consider it as a narcotics culture. A video of Mr Al Shahani’s dab became popular on social […] More

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    What $1 Can Get You Around The World…

    What 1 dollar can do in one’s country is something that we kept question a lot of people around the world for. And you might not imagine how interesting some answers could be. Even better, we went on and made a list of everything we received, just in case you might get hungry and start […] More

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