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    KFC Releases Bath Bomb Which Will Leave You Smelling Like Fried Chicken

    Lying in the bath tub is probably one the most relaxing things in life. The beautiful scents of rose, fruity berry or jasmine in your bath water can take your cares away. Now there’s a rather unique new kind of bath mate trending… What do you think about chilling in a bath which smells of […] More

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    14-Year-Old Model Dies After Working In Gruelling 12-Hour Fashion Show

    A 14-year-old Russian model has died after a grueling 12-hour fashion show in China. Vlada Dzyuba reportedly collapsed just before walking out onto the catwalk in Shanghai, The Siberian Times reported. The teen was found to be suffering from chronic meningitis “compounded by severe exhaustion” and remained in a coma for two days before she passed away. Vlada […] More

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    Soccer Player Needs 10 Stitches to His Penis After Injured by His Own Team-Mate

    Heard of the word Frenemies? In other words, who needs enemies when you have friends like these? Albacete defender Mariano Bittolo recently suffered an injury that will make every man cringe. It happened in the Spanish Segunda Division on Saturday—and he had his own team-mate to blame. Roman Zozulya’s flying boot caught Bittolo in the […] More

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    This Woman Woke Up With $24.5 Million In Her Bank Account

    A woman in Australia woke up to find $24.5 million in her bank account and her mortgage paid off after a banking error. Clare Wainwright, a lawyer from Sydney, Australia, opened up her bank’s app to find the unexpected figure in her account earlier this week. The whole mess actually started in September when her […] More

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    10 Biggest Lies That You Were Taught In School

     Let’s Take A Look At 10 Biggest Lies That You Were Taught In School 1. You’ve Just Use Only 10% Of Your Brain If you really believed, well, your brain had only been using ten percent. However according to Barry Gordon, who is a famous neurologist, we use nearly every part of our brain and […] More

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    Demi Lovato Praised For Talking About Her Cocaine Abuse

    Simply Complicated is a new documentary that was released by Demi Lovato that provides her fans with an unexpected insight into her life. In the documentary, Demi is very honest about her drug use which dates back to when she was only 17 years of age and still working on Disney Channel, and later stayed […] More

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    Mother Is Furious Because Her Daughter Was Served A Cockroachino

    Odelia Juniarni thought her daughter, Evelyn, who is 3 years old, had found a coffee bean in her babyccino when they were sat down at The Coffee Club in Mascot. That’s until she noticed the legs and head… Odelia was horrified when she found out that it was a dead cockroach infesting her daughter’s babyccino […] More

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