Charity Worker Found Dying On His Doorstep

The family of a young economics graduate who was murdered for his iPhone speak out about how they found him dying on his doorstep.

A Charity worker, Abdul Samad, 28, stumbled to the front door of his block and buzzed for help after witnesses said that he was attacked in the street for his mobile by thugs on a moped.

His heartbroken brother, Abdul Ahad, told how his parents rushed to help him as he lay fatally injured outside his home in Little Venice.

Samad was taken to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, where he was born, but tragically died an hour later.

Mr Ahad told the Standard how Mr Samad had worked for charity Dragon Hall Trust helping young Londoners develop their computer skills.

He said: “He loved helping children. That’s the sort of person he was. This is a young life gone and such a lovely life. He was full of energy and loved the kids he worked with.

“He came to the door here and buzzed and was covered in blood. The knife went through his heart.

“He pressed the buzzer and my mum and dad came down and he was lying there on the floor. My mum then called me and said ‘you’re brother is dying’.

“When I got here he looked half dead already.”

He added: “My brother has never done anything wrong and never been in trouble with the police.

“He was geeky and loved his computers and that’s why he was helping the young people.

“I could understand if it was some kind of postcode war but he’s not that type of person, his friends are all geeks.

“He was born in St Mary’s Hospital and he’s died there. We want these people to go to jail and never come out.”

He told how the parents of Mr Samad, who studied economics at the University of Westminster, originally settled from Bangladesh in the 60s in search of a better life for their children.

The victim had been at a friend’s house playing computer games before leaving because he had work early that day.

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However, the family said witnesses saw Mr Samad being approached by youths on a moped outside his flat in St Mary’s Terrace, who attempted to take his iPhone 7.

It is thought that he may have been stabbed during a struggle at about 11.45pm that evening.

He was pronounced dead in the hospital just before 1am the next morning.

The friend said: “He was on his own only for a few meters after I left him after we got some food. He said he had to go home early because he had work early today.

“There were a couple of guys on mopeds who approached him, they’re always riding around here, and they tried to get his iPhone 7. We think he must have fought back or something.”

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