Mother Is Furious Because Her Daughter Was Served A Cockroachino

Odelia Juniarni thought her daughter, Evelyn, who is 3 years old, had found a coffee bean in her babyccino when they were sat down at The Coffee Club in Mascot. That’s until she noticed the legs and head…

Odelia was horrified when she found out that it was a dead cockroach infesting her daughter’s babyccino and not a coffee bean.

“We’re regulars because they offer free babyccinos when you purchase a coffee. I just go there because my daughter loves the idea of coffee for kids.” – Odelia Juniarni

Odelia’s routine had been shattered on that Monday morning by the unwelcome creature in her daughter’s drink, when her daughter suddenly spat out a mouthful of the liquid that she was drinking through a straw and showing her mother a dark object in her drink.

Odelia immediately marched over to a staff member to show them what her daughter had almost drank and the staff member apologized and offered to make her a replacement drink which she declined, not knowing if more roaches were infesting the shop and machines.


After taking matters into her own hand and posting the incident on social media, The Coffee Club, where they expressed their regret at the horrific experience and are going to escalate the matter immediately, contacted Ms Odelia Juniarni.

The encounter suffered by Ms Odelia Juniarni follows many incidents of food situations in October.

A steak infested with worms was served to a couple at The Ranch Hotel bistro in North Ryde. A video was posted on social media by a woman from Newcastle showing maggots on a chicken at a Nando’s store in the Hunter region.

Juniarni stated that she would like a review of food safety at the café and stated that she absolutely refused going back there, not even for the free babyccinos.


A spokesman for Minor DKL Food Group of The Coffee Club, expressed his concern on the matters of the incident.

“The franchisee of that store has since conducted a complete check of the store, including all packaging, without identifying any further issues,” he said. “In addition we have confirmed that pest control is regular and up-to-date in this store. However we take food and beverage safety very seriously and will continue to monitor the situation.” – Spokesman for Minor DKL Food Group.

Cockroaches are able to spread a wide range of bacteria including; staphylococcus, salmonella and streptococcus, as well as harbor viruses like polio, as stated by the Victorian government’s Better Health website.

The website states that viruses and diseases can survive for months or years in a roach’s digestive system and is passed along in its droppings as well. Cockroaches will regurgitate and defecate on food (gross), and it is thought that contaminated food by cockroaches aids in transmitting those diseases to humans.

A spokeswoman for the NSW Food Authority said that there is no evidence of food standards falling and that the number of incidents reported fell from 338 in 2014/2015 down to 399 in 2016/2017.



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