Etihad Says Fly Now, Pay Later

Dying for a vacay to some tropical destination but a bit strapped for cash?

Don’t despair – now you can buy your tickets and pay for them later, and its all thanks to a new scheme from Etihad.

The airline is operating a payment installment option on all ticket types, which means that passengers can even upgrade to first class and pay later if they fancy a touch of luxury on their journey.

Commenting on the new concept, Etihad Airways vice president of digital strategy and innovation Justin Warby, said: “Etihad is committed to continually enhancing the travel experience by providing greater choice and flexibility to our guests.

“We understand travel can be a significant expense, especially for families and those on a tight budget, so this new initiative is a great way for people to book and enjoy their travel without having to worry about paying in one large sum.”

“When we were designing this product we were really looking at how we can assist those low to medium income travelers and families,” Warby added.

Image credit: MARKUS SCHOLZ/dpa

“Of course, spreading the payment over a period of months is also a great way to indulge in Etihad Airways’ famous premium cabins.”

But for the time being (at least), there is a catch.

In order to benefit from the scheme, you will have to be signed up with one of 17 banks. These include Emirates NBD and Riyad Bank.

With that said, it is expected to open up to a wider audience in coming months.

The breaking news comes days after an Etihad pilot died at the controls while operating a cargo flight from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam.The flight had to make an emergency landing in Kuwait, where the pilot was pronounced dead.

Etihad Airways is saddened to report the death of one of its pilots, on-board flight EY 927, a freighter service from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam. After the captain became incapacitated early in the flight, the First Officer issued an emergency call and safely diverted the aircraft to Kuwait,” Etihad said in a statement.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss, and are focused on taking care of our late colleague’s family at this time, to whom we offer our heartfelt condolences.”

The airline did not release further details about the circumstances of the pilot’s death.

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