Former ‘World’s Heaviest Woman’ Dies Following Weight-Loss Surgery

Doctors have confirmed that an Egyptian woman who had once held the title of the “world’s heaviest woman” died in a hospital in the United Arab Emirates

Eman Abdul Atti, who at one point reportedly weighed more than 1,100 pounds, was 37 years old.

Burjeel Hospital, which had a team of 20 doctors looking after  Atti, said the that the woman died at 4:35 a.m. on Monday, due to complications from her weight, which included heart disease and kidney dysfunction. Doctors pinpoint her weight issues on a thyroid condition.

Atti had arrived at Burjeel Hospital from India in May, after she was airlifted from her home with the aid of a crane, in order for her to undergo a weight loss procedure.

Atti had not walked in over 25 years but had reportedly lost more than 660 pounds after she underwent the bariatric procedure in March.

At the time, the Hospital staff said to media that Atti was dealing with cardiac issues, a bacterial infection and bed sores.

The woman’s former doctor at Saifee Hospital had clashed with the woman’s family during her hospitalization. Atti’s sister accused the hospital of exaggerating her weight loss, and said that she was suffering seizures and not stable enough to transfer hospitals.

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