Gang Arrested For Selling A Stolen Ferrari For $54,000

Police have arrested four robbers in Dubai sold a Ferrari worth Dh1.2 million for Dh200,00.

The police got hold of them just before they could dismantle the car and ship it abroad.

Officers had received a complaint from a European man that his Ferrari had been stolen from the basement parking of a hotel in Dubai.

Assistant commander-in-chief of the Dubai Police for criminal investigation, Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, said three Europeans stole the car and sold it to an African man for $55,000.

This African suspect reportedly then took it to a garage in a neighboring emirate to dismantle it, ship it abroad and sell them as spare parts.

The Police officer said the suspects came to the UAE on a visit visa after the previous owner of the Ferrari told them about the car. The previous owner of the car struck a deal with the thieves to steal the car and make money from selling the spare parts. He also gave them the car’s key.

After arriving in the country, the suspects had apparently monitored the movements of the car and its owner and stole it.

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