Girl Escapes Syrian Refugee Camp To Become Hollywood Star

After a bomb destroyed her home in Northern Iraq during the Kurdish uprising, Vivian Nouri was born into a Syrian refugee camp, and now she has burst into Hollywood as a singer for upcoming Christmas film ‘Daddy’s Home 2’.

Nouri is now rubbing shoulders with the likes of Diplo and Chance the Rapper, but the talented 24-year-old hasn’t always had it so great, as she is one six siblings born to a heroic mother who made the perilous journey to Iran in 1991 along with about two million other Kurds fleeing the violence.

After getting to Iran by foot, Vivian’s two older sisters and her mother were sent to a Syrian refugee camp where Vivian was born and lived for her first two years.

The family were granted refugee status in New Zealand back in 1995, where they have called home ever since.


Recently, Vivian’s 27-year-old sister Jennifer told UNILAD:

In 1991 after the gulf war and during the Kurdish uprising in Northern Iraq our house was destroyed by a bomb and so my mother fled with me and my eldest sister at the time.

After the house was destroyed by a bomb and we fled, my mum said a lot of people died of hypothermia or starvation because it was a long trip to Iran. It was snowing in the mountains at the time, so we had to walk through the mountains. We did the whole journey by foot .I was seven months at the time so our mother carried us.

About two million Kurds went towards Turkey and the other half went towards Iran and subsequently we were living in a refugee camp and that’s where Viv was born in 1993.

She grew up in a Syrian refugee camp. What I remember about it is that we lived in a tent and my mum would walk a long way everyday to fetch water with one of us with her. That’s how much I remember of it. She’s our main inspiration. We’ve all gone on to do big things and it’s all thanks to her.

We were there until 1995 when were granted refugee status in New Zealand because I needed medical attention, so it was on those grounds we were granted the status. We have been here ever since and call New Zealand our home now.



Just hanging out wiht Mark Wahlberg

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