Guy Finds Solution To Plug Sockets So Far Away From Hotel Bed

For tourists, arriving at hotels is never as easy as it should be.

In an ideal world, when arriving in a Premier Inn or something similar we’d just check in, go up to the room, unpack and that’s that.

But as human beings, we like to drag out that process so that the whole thing becomes an effort.

It starts at the front desk, where the service is so inadequate. After that, we get to the room, where, if there’s no tea, coffee, milk and a kettle, there’s gonna be trouble.

Then you get the view, the people in the room next to you, the positioning of the bed and the distance between it and light switches and ….. plug sockets.

A guy recently decided to eliminate the latter part of that complaint, by completely rearranging the room so that the bed was next to a plug so he could charge his phone.

Jake Archer who often works away from home, staying in budget hotels quite often, but comes across the same “first world problem” in each of them.

Recently Archer reached the end of his tither with the inconvenience, as his phone dying, or him having to get out of bed in the morning to switch off the alarm was just too much.

The 32-year-old got to work moving the bed from its usual spot, aligning it with the dressing table in the room at a Premier Inn in Bridgend, Wales.

Image credit: Mercury Press

In doing so, he blocks the main entrance, which is also a fire exit, and the bathroom, but hey, at least he can check Twitter.”It drives me insane. I think this is one of those first world problems that a lot of people find very annoying,” Jake said.

“The alarm goes off and your phone is on the other side of the room so you have to jump out of bed – you don’t get to use the snooze button.

“As many people do, I like to lie in bed and check through all my social media pages before I go to sleep but I can’t do that if the plug socket is on the other side of the room.

“Every phone battery only lasts about a day nowadays, so most people charge their phones overnight and many people like to have their phone next to them.

“You have to choose between charging your phone and being out of the loop with social media or having the phone next to you and having the battery die.”

Despite what looks like a task filled with too much effort for a bit of extra charge, the beds are on wheels, so it wasn’t that hard.

The whole thing actually started out as a joke in Jake’s group chat. But still, it made him sleep easier that night.

He said: “It made my stay that little bit easier. I was in the prime position though, not only could I charge my phone but I didn’t even need to leave the bed to put the kettle on.

“If I needed the toilet I could just roll out of bed and into the bathroom. It was brilliant.”

There are some rooms which do have plug sockets next to the beds, but not all of the rooms have been upgraded yet.

Image credit: Mercury Press

A Premier Inn spokesperson said: “We know many customers like to charge their phones in bed and while the vast majority of our rooms do indeed feature bedside plug sockets, that’s why we’re already in the process of upgrading the remaining few.”

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