What Happens In An “UBER” Stays In The Uber, Until Now!

Driving services like Uber and Lyft have really taken transportation to the next level. Younger generations can’t get enough of the convenience that these companies offer as well as the human connection that can be made during the drive.

Those connections aren’t always good though. The drivers will tell you – some passengers are just downright gross.

We were in stitches (and cringing at times) after reading the stories shared in an article by warped seed:

We quote the quoted:

Sober and Drunk

Mine would be the two women passengers in the back seat. One was pretty sober and the other was very much not. The drunk girl, who sounded like she eats cigarettes, decided she wanted to demonstrate what her orgasms sounded like, complete with writhing around in the back seat. My car is not very big to begin with. Me and the sober girl thought it was pretty funny and even though it was a pretty short trip we were given a pretty convincing performance.. (Extrasherman)

Kissing Cousins

I had a fare where two drunk people who were making out in the back of my cab. This isn’t unusual on it’s own, happens quite often, just gotta stop them before it gets out of hand.

Well, one of them decides to stop making out and says to me “Don’t tell anyone, okay?” Curious, I ask why, he responds “We are cousins and we don’t want our family to find out”…then they went back to making out again. I didn’t once think they could have possibly been cousins, never saw either people before or after. Could have just kept his mouth shut and I’d never have known. Why would you disclose that information to a stranger? (Kootsiak)

Murder Most Foul

A few months ago this lady came into my car whilst busily talking on her phone: “Yeah you can’t tell anyone on the team yet. No no, I haven’t told anyone at all.”

I was secretly eavesdropping, as I usually do, trying to figure out what kind of job she had.

“The details are kinda gruesome. The poor thing was lying there for a while after it happened because there was no one around. These bastards took everything from her and tried to steal her car but they apparently ran over her and they just booked it. Her body was practically split in two under one of the wheels. It was only a couple hours later someone saw it and called us. She was still alive when we got there. Hey listen I gotta go. We’ll talk more soon.” (rodrigorangelfdz)

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