Heartbroken Man Swallows 24 Pills To Commit Suicide

A 21-year-old Arab man has tried to commit suicide by swallowing 24 drug pills after he and his lover broke-up.

The Sharjah Police are currently investigating the case after the young man was rushed to Kuwaiti Hospital in Sharjah.

The medical team have provided the necessary treatment and placed him under observation.

The hospital officials informed the police authorities about the incident and the man will be interrogated as soon as his condition improves.

The man reportedly lives with his family in Al Taon area in Sharjah.

He had gone through a heartbreaking experience and immense mental trauma after the break-up, which had driven him to end his own life, sources have said.

When the family found that he had swallowed the drug pills, they informed the national ambulance and the young man was taken to the hospital immediately.

Image credit: Max Sandelin

The incident has now been referred to Buhaira police station for further investigation.


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