Hoverbikes Will Be Patroling And Arresting Soon

Image credit: gizmodo.com

Very soon, Police in Dubai will have access to functional hoverbikes.

According to AutoBlog, the Police Department of Dubai revealed the new technology together with the Russian company Hoversurf, at the Gulf Information Technology Exposition in the last week.

The Scorpion hoverbike can fly approximately 5 meters in the air, move at a speed of 70 km/h, and carry 300 kgs of gear. With such capabilities, this vehicle will be very prosperous for clearing traffic, however – it has a 25-minute charge capacity. The blades on the bike look very sharp and ready to cut through anything, humans and solids alike.

The police department intends to use the hoverbikes for officers to bypass traffic and obstacles in cases of emergencies, though the UAE has a poor human rights records, the authorities may use them to a somewhat less agreeable purpose.

Image credit: gizmodo.com

The US military alongside other specialty shops and hobbyists, have varying degrees of success regarding working on their own hoverbikes.

CNN ealier eported that the Japanese company Mikasa, stating it had a 200 km/h speed announced hoverbikes alongside a new electric motorcycle that is an original concept. According to ABC, Dubai authorities plan on deploying small, auto-vehicles that do not require drivers into urban areas for surveillance.




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