Human Ken Doll Splurges On Lavish Party In Dubai Hotel

After spending a fortune on transforming his looks, Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves, wasn’t shy to splash the cash when it came to his recent getaway to Dubai.

He reportedly told MailOnline that he threw a party in his suite at the Rixos Hotel that left him with a 635 000 UAED bill.

He claims that he organized a private party, that hosted 134 guests and later had to be rescued by hotel lifeguards after taking a swim in the sea in the early hours, while still intoxicated.

He was in Dubai to stop by a slew of events and make several TV appearances. Rodrigo revealed that he had decided to treat himself to the ‘largest suite on the Palm’ which cost him quite a penny.

But, a bash he had thrown within his hotel room had to be stopped by hotel staff after more than double of the expected guests arrived at the party.

He explained to mainline: ‘I stayed in Dubai for over a week where I attended various events, had my Botox and fillers topped up, did a few TV shows, shopping and went to tons of parties. 

‘I treated myself to the largest suite with a panoramic view to the city and I had a butler who was at my service 24/7 for the three nights that I stayed at the Rixos. ‘

The party had to stop after over 100 guests started ‘thrashing’ the signature suite and later enlisted the help of hotel lifeguards to rescue Rodrigo from his early hours swim, who had urged the star not to take to the deep water in the dark following his boozy evening.

Rodrigo said to MailOnline: ‘I was feeling very hot and I couldn’t sleep so I went for a swim in the sea, but because I’d had too much to drink at the party the lifeguards and security brought me back to shore.’

The next morning, he was left with a hefty bill thanks to his lavish choices, but he insists that the six-figure bill does not faze him.

‘I live my life to the max, I love meeting new people and partying – I don’t care about the money spent because the only thing that I’m taking away from this life will be the experiences I have, the places that I have been and the people that I have met,’ he insisted.

His expensive stay in Dubai comes after he claims he had been detained at the airport on his arrival to the popular holiday resort in the Middle East.



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