This Indian Guy Went From Being A Plumber To Champ In Dubai

Aspiring to become a professional singer – a plumber, who’s also a loving brother and devoted father, become the grand winders at this year’s ‘Camp ka Champ’, meaning “Champ of the Camp” that was held on Thursday in Jebel Ali.

Exchanging a spanner for a microphone during that night, Lovepreet Singh, at 23 years of age from Punjab, India, moved around like a natural performer as his voice that was full of rhythm and soul, pulsed through the entire football field at Nuzul staff accommodation and turned the field into his very own performance stadium.

Lovepreet was declared the ‘Singer of the Season’ out of over 4,000 workers from 15 countries whom have auditioned for Western Union’s 11th edition’s biggest annual singing competition for workers in the United Arab Emirates.

Image credit: CNN

“Singing is my life” he stated to Khaleej Times, “I want my voice to be heard from Jebel Ali to the world” he said, as he explained that he was going to use the cash prize he earned to enroll in a music school to become a professional music singer.

He went on to add that similar to his favourite song “Kadi aa mil sanwal yaar ve” which loosely translated to “Oh beloved, come to me someday”, he wants to return to his motherland as a successful singer, and that he can go home and feel like he did not leave India only to return in despair.

Abdul Nadeen Khan, from Rajasthan, a state in Northern India, was teary-eyed when he and his friend, Juber Nazmudin Khema, from Mumbai, received a cheque for 35,000 Dirhams.

Abdul, Nadeem and his friend used their abundant knowledge of Hindi film songs, trivia, and actors to get ahead in the game.

Image credit: Khaleejtimes

“I was picturing in my mind a house for my family and it served as my biggest motivation. The money (around three lakhs rupees) may not be enough to finish constructing a two-bedroom house but at least I have something to start with building that dream home.” – Juber Nazmudin Khema, father of 2.

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