iPhone Users Are Being Attacked By These Pop Up Ads

Individuals that are users of the well-known and popular produce of the Apple industry, the iPhone, should keep their guard up when it comes to using their phone and prompted to enter their passwords to “sign in to iTunes”.

While many people are very accustomed to this motion and do it subconsciously and without thought, should stop doing so and make an effort to be more attentive.

It has been going around that potential phishing attacks are targeting iPhone users in attempt to steal their personal details and credit card information in a matter of seconds by using phishing scam that mimics the usual prompt provided by your iPhone to sign into your iTunes store in order to proceed.

The prompt, that usually appears when updating your iPhone or downloading apps, is extremely similar to the phishing scam prompt and it is almost impossible to tell the difference.

The image on the left shows a legitimate iTunes pop-up prompt while the right one shows a phishing pop-up.

In order to protect yourself, MrKrause, an Apple iOS code researcher, stated that if you’re not sure whether you are facing a legitimate pop-up or a scam, to just hit the home button. If the app exits and the pop-up disappears, then it was a phishing attack but if the dialogue box, as well as the app are still visible, then it’s a legitimate prompt from Apple.

However, if you still feel insecure, then you can just dismiss the pop-up and enter your password manual from your settings.

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