Maid Arrested At Dubai Airport After Stealing Cash And More From Employer

An Asian maid was arrested at Dubai International airport within an hour and a half of her stealing cash and valuables from her Emirati employer’s house in Ajman, UAE.

The maid made off with DH 27,000, alongside jewelry and electronic devices.

Major Ahmad Saeed Al Nuaimi, the Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigation Department at Ajman Police, had stated that the Emirati employer, who identified by the initials of A.M.K, had stated that his maid had made her way into a safe and taken some cash, jewerlry, an iPad and her own passport before leaving the house.

The police had received information regarding the maid being at Dubai International airport as she was planning on leaving the country with the stolen items, but was arrested in coordination with the Dubai Police.

The maid, who identifies by the initial; M.A.K, had confessed to her crime and was referred to the Public Prosecution for further action.

The Major implored that all community members be extra cautious with their valuables.


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