Man Arrested At Dubai Airport After Using Brother’s Passport

A man from Ghana has been sentenced to six months in jail for using his brother’s French passport when trying to travel from Dubai to Germany.

However, the Court of First Instance, cleared the 30-year-old man of the charge of faking an entry seal on his brother’s French passport. The court ordered that the man be deported at the end of his jail term.

Prosecutors accused the assistant Manager from Ghana of forging a government department seal (the airport’s seal) and using another person’s unofficial document. He was arrested at the Dubai International Airport on May 9.

The defendant, who is currently being detained, admitted in the investigation that when he was in Ghana, he decided to go to Germany and wanted his brother’s help. “My brother lives in Germany and holds a French passport. I asked him to send his passport to me.”

He claimed that he found the entry seal, attributed to the Dubai International Airport, on the passport and it was dated April 28, even though he said that he had collected the passport prior to that date. “When I called my brother, he told me that the seal was fake and I had to use it when leaving Dubai.”

He kept his brother’s passport with him and came to Dubai on a visit visa while using his own passport. At the immigration counter, and upon his departure, he showed his Ghana passport and it was then stamped with the exit seal.

But at the boarding gate, the airline security employee asked him about his entry permit into Germany. The accused then showed him the French passport that bore the fake seal. He was then exposed and arrested.

He admitted that he used the fake seal to deceive the airport staff that he had entered with the French passport. He did this in order to exit, because without that seal, he would not be able to leave.

An airline security coordinator told reporters that he was on duty checking the passengers’ passports at Terminal 3 before they boarded the plane. “The defendant came and showed me a passport which obviously did not belong to him. I also checked the passport pages and found an entry seal that looked fake and different from the original similar seals. I asked him more than once whether the passport belonged to him and whether the photo on the passport was his and he replied yes.

“However, when I asked him about the entry seal, he stalled and pretended to be busy talking on the phone.

“I think he did that so to leave for Germany. He was going to Hamburg and could not travel there with his original passport because of some difficulties he might have been facing in getting the Schengen visa.”

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