Man Assaults Petrol Station Staff With Iron Rod And Takes Cash

Police in Sharjah has arrested a 28-year-old Egyptian man who had assaulted staff of a number of petrol stations and also robbed them of their cash. The police managed to catch him two hours after he committed the crimes.

Col. Ibrahim Al Ajill, who is the director of CID at Sharjah Police, said that they received a call from an operations room of a neighbouring emirate at 3:30am on Tuesday about the suspect – who had carried out a number of attacks at petrol stations of the emirate and drove towards Sharjah.

A team of police officers were immediately called to trace the suspect’s movements and catch him.

As the officers launched a manhunt, they got another call from a petrol station located in Muwailih at 7am reporting them that the staff there had been robbed of cash and other valuables.

The man reportedly used an iron rod to attack the victims at the petrol stations.

The team had identified his whereabouts and traced him to a furnished apartment in Sharjah.

Police then raided the apartment and arrested the man within two hours of the crime. Police officers recovered the money that he stole from the staff of petrol stations in both the emirates as well as the iron rod.

During interrogation, the man reportedly admitted to his crime and was referred to public prosecution.

Col Al Ajill pointed out that the suspect tried his best to outsmart the police, but was not able to.

He apparently changed places to keep the cops guessing. However, he was taken aback when the police barged into the apartment and nabbed him.


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