Man Sends His Own LEGO Mini Figure As CV When Applying For Jobs

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If you want to find a way to get your CV to stand out, there are a few ways you can do so.

But an artist has done this in a really innovative way. He decided to apply for posts his in the form a mini-figure that resembles his own likeness, holding a laptop in one hand and a miniature custom printed CV.

Andy Morris’s packaging is expertly designed to appear like the exclusive LEGO figures – which is usually reserved for the likes of ComicCon, while also featuring design elements unique to Andy’s work.

Image Credit: @shotbygoldcut /

The Lego figure is even posted to the potential employer in a box which urges them to ‘unwrap your newest employee’. Ha!

Image Credit: @shotbygoldcut /

The recent design graduate from the University of South Wales is hoping that this novel approach to his CV will get him an opportunity with a firm mirroring his creative ambition.

“Everything in life should be fun, even applying for jobs,” he said.

“While conventional CVs are great for conveying past accomplishments, they’re limited on what personality, creativity and innovation you can inject into them.”

“Along comes my figure, hopefully demonstrating the above, plus, who doesn’t want to receive some LEGO through the post and hire the person taking such a novel approach. I have only just started to send the figures out this week, so fingers-crossed.”

Image Credit: @shotbygoldcut /

Andy Morris is an acclaimed artist who was previously from the world of finance, has swapped paperwork and multi-million-dollar accounts for the creative side of life.

His career as an artist is now defined by his trademark use of toys, injecting a dose of youthful light-heartedness into his art which is earning him fame from people of all ages.

Loving this creativity!

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