Man Threatens To Kill Woman And Her Family If She Marries Someone Else

A manager, who allegedly threatened to kill a woman alongside her family, if she got married to another man, faced charges in court this week.

The manager, who, according to public prosecution records, is a 35-year-old old Indian. He had allegedly threatened the complainant’s mother, saying she would be the first one in harm’s way if she got married or engaged to another man.

The 30-year-old woman complained to the police station in Al Rashidiya, stating that the man had threatened her mother and family members. She alleges she was also told she would be responsible for their deaths and that he would kill her if she got married or engaged to another man.

The manager denied the charges of blackmail, issuing threats, and using the internet to verbally abuse and threaten the complainant, when held in the Court of First Instance.

“The accused started harassing me after I sent him my resume on LinkedIn to help me find a job about six months prior to the complaint. He claimed he was specialised in recruitment consultation and services. But he kept saying he liked me and wanted to marry me,” – 30 year old complainant.

She also stated that the manager refused to take no for an answer and continued watching and stalking her, stating that he would call her from a different number every time and threatening her via WhatsApp or by calls and mail.

She went to complain against him after he showed up at her workplace on September 7th.

He had allegedly told her that, “the worst was yet to come,” and that he would easily be able to find her home address. He had also used an app to unblock his calls.

During the investigation, the police got a confession from the defendant who confessed that he had threatened and insulted the complainant. The investigating prosecutor used the threatening and harrassing messages sent to the complainant as evidence of the accuser’s guilt.

The accused had been placed in detention and his trial will resume on November 14.

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