Video Showing Man Refusing To Sell Portrait Of Sheikh Zayed Goes Viral

A carpet dealer is holding onto a black and white portrait that he says has been in his shop since 1994 and has refused to sell the photo – even for Dh 100,000.  The Afhgani carpet seller who had refused to sell a portrait of Sheikh Zayed has gone viral on social media, where the clip shows the man refusing to budge on selling the picture of Sheikh Zayed to an Emirati man who took the video.

This is Baba Zayed. This picture is not for sale”, the Afghani carpet seller kept repeating as the man persistently tried to get the man to sell him the portrait.

Gulf News approached Musa Khan, the Afghani carpet seller where he talked about the portrait and how it has been on the door of his shop in Mina Zayed market in Abu Dhabi for 24 years.

Abdul Khader, his father, had started the carpet business in Abu Dhabi 40 years ago and his partner had bought 10 pictures of Sheikh Zayed back in 1980, where some were kept in the partner’s shop in Al Ain and the rest in Abu Dhabi.

The black and white picture has been in the shop ever since it was first established by the order of Sheikh Zayed back in 1994. He claimed that Sheikh Zayed had visited the market and used to buy carpets from his shop. He explains how customers are usually curious about the portrait and how some even ask to buy it, he explains how it is unacceptable to sell the portrait for any price by anyone, stating that their love for the late Sheikh Zayed is priceless.


Musa Khan had stated that he offered Friday prayers at SheikhZayed Mosque because of his love for him and declared that he would not sell the portrait even for a million dirhams.

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