Men Can Get Pregnant, U.K Government Declares

U.K Government Declares That Men Can Get Pregnant

Wait, What???

We hear the term pregnant woman every day, but now it seems some governments no longer feel the term is politically correct. The U.K government is objecting to the term because it excludes transgender individuals.

In the last few years, transgender rights and gender identity have become more prevalent in society. Gender identity or gender fluidity are two terms we hear a lot about in both political and cultural agendas.

The U.K Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) (similar to the State Department in the USA) want to edit the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, a U.N treaty from the 1970’s.

The original document includes protections for expectant mothers. However, the U.K think that the terminology is not fair as they believe women are not the only ones who can give birth.

Some feel that transgender people who have given birth in the past might feel excluded by the term “pregnant women”. In its official list of corrections to the document, some U.K government officials feel the correct term should be “pregnant person”.

As a result, the U.N Human Rights Committee has recently said that it would accept minor changes to the treaty that would leave its essential purpose unaffected.

However, not all in government in the U.K are in agreement. A spokesman for the British Prime Minister, Theresa May has said “Of course pregnant women is an acceptable term.” The request for amendments to the document was in relation to “one specific case.” He added “nobody in Government is objecting to the term pregnant women.”


A spokeswoman for the FCO had previously stated that the U.K didn’t object to the term “pregnant women”. “We strongly support the right to life of pregnant women, and we have requested that the Human Rights Committee does not exclude pregnant transgender people from that right to life,” the spokeswoman added.

Back in July as reported by CNN, a transgender man, Trystan Reese gave birth to a baby boy. The story is true in so far as Reese did give birth and he is, in fact, a transgender man.

However, Natural News editor Mike Adams let rip at CNN claiming the story as Fake News. In an article he published on Adams says, “The article, of course, is a lie. In truth, a biological woman gave birth to a baby boy. How do we know that? Because men do not have the reproductive organs of women. Having the ability to give birth is, in fact, part of the very definition of womanhood. It is no more possible for a man to give birth to a child than it is for a woman to be a sperm donor.”

We are living in a society now that is very conscious of political correctness and we need to be mindful of using certain terms. The reality is that there are so many different gender identities nowadays that gender identity/fluidity has made its way onto the public schools curriculum.

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