Dubai Police Help Reunite Family After Six Years

A worried mother placed an emergency call to 999 in Northern Ireland concerning her son in Dubai who has not reached out or contacted his family for 6 years.

The news made the Dubai Police swing into action to not only locate the man, but make sure that he got reunited with his family. The Dubai Police not just informed his family of their discoveries, but also bought tickets for the family to fly from Ireland to Dubai.

The Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the commander in chief of the Dubai Police stated that the mother; named Kate, sought aid from the police department of Dubai to help her search for her son Gerard whom she feared might be psychologically afflicted due to his professional instability. She feared that her son might have been in an accident that prevented his communication with his family for a long period of time.

The police officers of the Dubai police department calmed the mother down and jutted down the details to Gerard’s residential address. Officers were sent to scout the area of Jebel Ali for Gerard, for it is believed that was where he was staying.

They enquired and asked about him until they pinpointed on his residence where they found the person of interest to be in a bad situation and in need of urgent medical assistance, so they rushed him off to Rashid Hospital in Dubai.

After informing the parents and flying them over to Dubai, Kate thanked the Dubai Police department profusely and expressed how delighted she was at seeing her son. She met with Lieutenant Ahmad Mzayud, the receiver of the emergency call.

Image credit: Gulf news

Gerard also thanked the Dubai Police for their kind gesture of hosting his parents and sister in Dubai, and stated that he was happy to see his family again after so long.

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