A New Speeding Law Is Coming to Dubai On The 15th October

In a few days time, residents and visitors of Dubai, UAE won’t be able to drive at the accustomed speed of 140 km/h that most countries in the Middle East are used to on the two main roads of the United Arab Emirates; Sheikh Mohammed Zayed Road and the Emirates Road.

In a matter of days, the new set speed limits on those two roads will be reduced from 120 km/h down to 110 km/h. At the 131 km/h mark, the radar will flash a vehicle that exceeds that speed as opposed to the usual 131 km/h mark, which will take effect on October 15th, 2017.

Image credit: Virendra Saklani, Gulf News

The General HQ of Dubai Police in conjunction with the Roads and Transport Authority have decided in September of 2017 to reduce the speed limit on these two major roads.

The decision was made in order to reduce traffic accidents and to ensure road safety for everyone on the streets.

Image credit: emirates247.com

Engineer Maitha bin Adai, the CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, as well as the Roads and Transport Authority, stated that lowering the speed limits on the two arterial roads in the UAE is a result of elaborate traffic safety studies and the analyses of traffic accidents data that were recorded and studied over the previous years.

This resulted in addressing many traffic safety measures such as truck lay-by areas, safety rails, and pedestrian bridges.

You better slow down…


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