Parents Name Their Kid “Jihad” And Now Face Issues With Authorities

A war has been declared between French authorities and a couple who wanted to name their newborn “Jihad.”

When the parents selected the controversial name for their baby son, who was born in August, officials in the Toulouse suburb of Léguevin alerted the public prosecutor, The Local of France reported.

The French Civil Code makes allowance for parents to name their offspring anything they please — UNLESS it is against the interests of the child.

Of late, the country is on a heightened terror alert after a series of attacks by homegrown jihadists, therefore the prosecutor may decide to refer the case to family court, according to reports.

So while the name might seem like a provocative choice, given its meaning of “holy war,” it basically just translates to “effort” or “struggle.”

Jihad is a “fundamental concept in Islam,” which means making “the effort to achieve good,” Aderrahmane Oumachar, co-founder of the Toulouse Centre of Muslim Spirituality reportedly said.

Oumachar did acknowledge that given the current circumstances, the name could “cause misunderstanding” and “harm the development of the child.”

But other French babies have been named “Jihad” before…

Back In 2013, Bouchra Bagour had sent her 3-year-old son Jihad to school wearing a sweater with the words “I am a bomb,” on it, as well as his name and “Born on September 11th” on the back.

The woman was handed a suspended sentence for “glorifying a crime.”

French authorities have also put an end to other names that were deemed to run afoul of the code, including the hazelnut spread “Nutella” as well as “Fraise,” which means strawberry.

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