Photo Of ‘Arab World’s Youngest Grandpa’ Goes Viral

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A viral image of a man who is now known as ‘the Arab world’s youngest grandfather’, is making waves on social media.

The 33-year-old Jordanian man, Kamal Al Talfity, had reportedly got the title after his 16-year-old daughter gave birth last week.

Talfity, who married at the age of 16 and is now father to seven children, spoke to local news outlets and expressed his happiness over becoming a grandad.

“Thank God, I am so happy. Children are a gift from God,” he said.

Soon after the news began circulating online, it sent social media users into a complete meltdown.

While a lot of people congratulated Talfity over the birth of his first grandchild, others were completely outraged by the fact that his underage daughter is now a mother.

People just cannot wrap their heads around their circumstances

بِسْم لله باين ابنه مو معقول جده
— هاني العالمي (@SaiidHani) October 4, 2017
“That’s his son… it just can’t be his grandchild, that’s impossible.” 
“I calculated… still not getting this”
حسبتها عجزت تجي معايا
— GiGi∞ (@WejDaN84) October 4, 2017

People have so many questions about their position

طيب وزوجته كم عمرها ؟ 🤔
— روق (@Xx1rog1xX) October 4, 2017

“OK, so how old is his wife then?”
— ÅLīīīīīīī🇸🇦 (@alyalyaly942) October 4, 2017

While many others are understandably confused

فرحان بإنجازه لا عاش طفولته ولا خلى بنته تعيش طفولتها متخلف
— Nabilah (@nebojed) October 5, 2017
“He’s happy with this ‘achievement,’ he didn’t live his own childhood and then didn’t let his child live hers… he’s regressive.” 

“Maybe try the most regressive grandfather in the Arab world”
وممكن اجهل جد في العالم العربي برضو 🙂
— هند (@SayHend) October 5, 2017

Many are raising this point

عادات متخلفه المفروض اذا وصل عمرها ٢٠يزوجونها نقول نضجت في اعتقادي سن النضوج بثلاثين العشرينات وتحت الوحده تبي تاخذ وقت بحياتها
— شوشوه (@6s9_jn) October 5, 2017

“Such regressive traditions, when a girl hits 20 they want to marry her off and think she’s mature enough. In my opinion, before a woman is 30, she should take all the time she needs to live her life.” 

On the other hand, others are excited for the family

ما شاء الله 😍😍🙏🏻
— عَفرا الشحي (@iaf1_) October 3, 2017
Some are congratulating him over the news
ألف مبروك يتراب في عزاكم
— ام زهرة (@yjYqiaTXFu4FUi5) October 4, 2017

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In 2002, Jordan had amended its Per­sonal Status Law, raising the legal age of marriage to 18.

There were still a few exceptions mentioned in the 2002 amendment, however it was still considered a great step forward.

However, earlier this year, the country’s government issued new rules under which “girls can marry at the age of 15 if certain con­ditions are met beforehand.”

The conditions include, “the husband not having been married before, the girl being allowed to continue her education after marriage and an age difference of fewer than 15 years.”

The latest move, which was reportedly aimed at managing the high rate of illegal child marriage in Jordan, drew a lot of criticism from human rights activists and groups.

Jordan records some of the highest rates of child marriage in the region, but the kingdom is not the only country facing the widespread global problem.

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