Pregnant Woman Sits Next To Tiger, Who’s Reaction When He Notices Her Baby Bump Has Gone Viral

Animals are smart creatures and sometimes they can sense things just like humans can. This story proves just how true this statement is.

Brittany Smith-Osborne was visiting the Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana with a group of friends when she found this out for herself.

Among her group of friends was a woman by the name of Natasha who was 27-weeks along in her pregnancy.

They were all curious as to why the tiger seemed to be paying so much attention to Natasha. All of the ladies were cooing and “aww-ing” at the sight as Natasha was taking selfies with the tiger who was behind some glass.

I don’t know whether to laugh or be scared,” said one of the girls who was off camera. “That is so crazy.”

“I want to pet him,” said another.

This is exactly when one of the girls appeared to catch on to why the tiger was so curious about Natasha.

One of the girls asked: “Do you think it knows your pregnant?” “Do you think it’s after you because you’re with a baby?”

Natasha then decided to find out if this hypothesis was true, so she stood up on a ledge and pressed her baby bump against the glass toward the tiger.


Turns out the tiger was very interested in her baby.

The huge cat started sniffing around her baby then began nuzzling up against the glass where her baby bump was before walking off.

“Awwwwwwww,” Natasha said.

The girls got to prove what a truly remarkable creature the tiger was and how keen his or her senses are.

We all realized that the tiger was very interested in her baby bump,” Smith-Osborne, who captured the entire encounter on video, said to FOX 26.

The video has ended up going viral and the zoo also shared it on Facebook saying, “This is why the zoo is here – to help make connections to nature.”“I am so excited that I was able to capture that sweet moment,” Smith-Osborne said.


The video was shared over 5 million times on Break Clips’ YouTube channel.

Some viewers on YouTube argued that Natasha would have ended up as a nice meal for the tiger if the glass wasn’t there. Others, however, were completely convinced that the tiger was just interested in her baby bump.



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