A Saudi Singer Was Arrested For Dabbing During A Concert

TV host, actor and Saudi national Abdallahh Al Shahani, was performing the dance move, involving  a person to tuck their head into the crook of their arm.

Dabbing is stircly prohibated in Saudi Arabia, the country where authorities consider it as a narcotics culture.

A video of Mr Al Shahani’s dab became popular on social media and thousands have tweeted about the incident.

But some defended the dab.

“I’m sure it was an accident, because I personally know this man and his morals, and he has apologised and shown people that he wasn’t aware of the meaning of the move,” said TV presenter @Kemmooalharbi.

“This was just a spontaneous move, he has since apologised to the country’s people and government and you’re still holding it against him?” said @TDouHKejhaQbxdu.

While @asdasd550909800 suggested: “It’s clear that he didn’t even know what the move means”.

TBH dabbing should benned everywhere, its so annoying!

Me when someone dabs

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