Sharjah Gang Arrested For Stealing Parked Cars

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The Sharjah Police have confirmed that they have arrested a four-member gang of Arabs and Asians, who recently carried out a number of car thefts in various parts of Sharjah, including Al Majaz, Al Nahda, and Al Tawoon.

A police official mentioned that a number of people reported to the Sharjah Police that their vehicles went missing while they left them parked.

The official explained that it was noticed through the reports that most of the vehicles stolen were parked in sandy yards before they disappeared.

The department of criminal investigation formed a security team which launched a manhunt for the culprits and nabbed them.

During the intensified investigation, the team managed to identify the suspects and zeroed in on their whereabouts. The police then raided the residences where the suspects were hiding and arrested them.

During the interrogation, the gang confessed to stealing a large number of vehicles from various areas in the city.

The men told the police that they targeted cars that were left parked for long periods of time.

After ensuring that there were no people around to see their movements, they loaded the vehicles in a truck – which was owned by one of them.

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They reportedly then transported the cars to another location where they manufactured keys to sell them after making changes to their chassis and plate numbers.

The gang also dismantled some of the vehicles and sold their spare parts.

Based on the men’s confession, the gang members were referred to the public prosecutor’s office in Sharjah.

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