Shocking Before And After Photos Of Dubai

Dubai is a city that went from 0-100 real quick, many things have drasticaly changed. Before all the glamourous buildings and hotels you see today Dubai was a land full of sand (Dessert). How ever, within the last 40 years Dubai has blown out to what now is called the ‘City of life’.

Here are some photos of the past, do you know any of these places?

Shopping (Before & After)

The Markets before in the 70s

Well much has changed with it’s massive shopping centers

Clock Tower Roundabout  (Before & After)

The famous roundabout in the 70s

Now (2017) Filled with the busy traffics and rise of the buildings

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — A view of clock tower in Deira, Dubai. — Image by © Farhad Berahman/arabianEye/Corbis


Sheikh zayed road (Before & After)

90s picture of the Sheikh Zayed road

Now, Looks like a futuratsic scene in a film






Fish Market in the 80s (Before & After)

Burj Al Arab (Before & After)

Dubai JLT (Before & After)

Well theirs a lot more too see, but here are some timelapse videos to show the growth.

Here is how the famous Palm Jumeirah was built.


Dubai’s change from 1990-2014


History of Dubai

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