Soccer Player Needs 10 Stitches to His Penis After Injured by His Own Team-Mate

Heard of the word Frenemies? In other words, who needs enemies when you have friends like these?

Albacete defender Mariano Bittolo recently suffered an injury that will make every man cringe. It happened in the Spanish Segunda Division on Saturday—and he had his own team-mate to blame.

Roman Zozulya’s flying boot caught Bittolo in the family jewels in the 82nd minute of the clash against SD Huesca, and the damage was ugly.

Reuters reported: “Club doctor Eduardo Rodriguez told Spanish newspaper Marca the player needed 10 stitches to the affected area immediately after being substituted.

Watch the painful moment here:

Major Ouch!

Despite the injury, Bittolo isn’t expected to miss any matches, surprisingly.

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