Stewardess Is Going To Jail After This Instagram Message

A stewardess has been imprisoned for 3 months for after she misused the Instagram app message to threaten a man by posting his significant other’s naked photographs with her boyfriend, on the off chance that he didn’t pay her Dh367,000. (around $100k)

(Basically his wife had an affair with him, with the stewardess ex boyfriend making the stewardess mad therefore she sent a message to his ex husband)

The stewardess was a 29 year old Latvian, she had sent a message to the man’s Instagram account, through  Direct messages blacking mailing him for Dh 367k, otherwise she would upload the indecent photos of his wife with her boyfriend.

Records said the victim transferred to the defendant’s bank account Dh36,700 once she sent him a photo of his wife naked.

It was also said that she demanded Dh36,700 for each of the photos which comes down to $10k

(“She said one picture costs $10,000 and I paid her this amount but she wanted more and threatened that if I didn’t pay, she would send the pictures to all my relatives and friends back in my home country, which will ruin my reputation and will destroy my daughter,” he said.)

The stewardess was finally tracked down by Dubai cyber crime team and taken into custody.

Her former boyfriend was on it too apparently.

The primary judgement remains subject to appeal within 15 days

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