Student Arrested After Posting Nude Pics Of Ex-Lover

When Revenge Backfires

A Bengaluru student who took revenge from his ex-girlfriend for breaking up with him, was arrested for posting her nude picture on Instagram

22-Year-Old, Shouvik Bhawan, threatened to make her intimate pictures public if she didn’t continue with the relationship, according to a report in The Times of India.

Police investigating the case say that the student also shared her contact details online, mentioning that the woman was available for sex.

The girl learned about her photos on social media from her friends AND the calls she received for solicitation!

He even threatened to malign her name at their village in Assam if she does not abide him. Youngsters should be aware of the consequences of social media and one should take utmost care and should not share any photos that will backfire them and can be used as a weapon for blackmailing,” the Police officer in charge had said.

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