Teacher Risks Getting Fined For Taking Kids On ‘Education’ Trip

Learning comes through exploring new things, right?

This is exactly what Louisa Jones, ex-head of Reading’s Civitas Academy School, firmly believes in.

Jones has taken her own kids out of formal education for a year to travel the world and discover new places and things.













Louisa could now face a fine of £60 per child (Dh290) for “unauthorized” holiday absences. But the Mom doesn’t care.



She wrote in her travel blog: “.as long as you are taken off roll and not causing the school a poor attendance then the school doesn’t mind. In fact, they support some real life schooling.”

While opting for home-schooling of her kids Rufus and Katie, the young Mom wants education for them that can go further than just the school and books.

The family of 4 have kicked off their ‘education’ trip in a rented villa on The Palm, Dubai.

The family will stay in Dubai for some time before leaving for Bahrain, then they’ll be off to Sri Lanka, Singapore, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Argentina, Costa Rica, and then also explore the United States and Canada.

In her blog, Louisa said: “After some quality time with our friends we went to stay at one of Dubai’s lovely hotels on the palm. We managed to find a hotel with apartments so we had our own kitchen.

“Katie learned how to swim without arm bands here which has been a huge boost in her confidence. Just a few consecutive days in the pool had improved the children’s swimming so much. I’m pleased about this as this is one of the things on my list of ‘what do we want to achieve from this trip’.

Louisa added: “People have asked me – are you actually teaching them, or just saying you are? Now, to me, homeschooling isn’t just day trips and horse riding lessons. Although this is a big part of it.”

The family have sold or donated all of their physical possessions, including their house, and moved out of their rented home in Grosvenor Road, Caversham, The Sun report said.

A spokesman for Reading Borough Council was quoted “Council education officers are aware of this family and are satisfied they have acted within the law. We can confirm there is no investigation regarding their children’s schooling.”


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  1. This is quite common among teachers. One of my friends took her kids out of school for a year and went to travel Bali and New Zealand. They were homeschooled by her whilst exploring and travelling. They learnt a new language as well and valuable life lessons. If you have the patience to teach your children the results can be great.The lady above’s kids are too young to learn anything from travelling though…she is probably just another British woman who wants to get drunk next to the pool and pretend its educational.

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