University Decides To Hire Snake Charmers To Deal With Fatal Snake Infestation

 A Nigerian university is taking the unusual step of hiring snake charmers after an infestation of the reptiles in the school.

According to reports from Daily Trust, the Umaru Musa Yaradua University at Katsina had been overrun by snakes, leading to the tragic death of student, Zainab Umar from a snake bite.

Zainab Umar, a final-year economics student at Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University in Katsina state, died last week after a snake bite.

According to the school’s Dean of Students. Dr.Suleiman Kankara, the infestation of snakes in the school was a recurring annual event, with the school having to take precautions:

“Yes, we have employed the services of snake charmers to assist us in ridding the campus of snakes. Although the snake charmers just began work, plans had been in the pipeline to hire them.

“We normally hire the snake charmers whenever we get report of presence of snakes on the campus. It is unfortunate that the lady died. We know we tried our best to prevent her death,” Kankara explained.

He also claimed the family of the deceased did not allow her complete her medication.

“Zainab was bitten by a snake on Friday evening and she was promptly treated at our health centre.

 “I spoke with her mother on phone on Saturday that she should be allowed to continue her treatment.

“I later checked the clinic on Saturday evening only to learn that her friends and her brother had taken her away from the clinic against medical advice.

“They did not sign any document to secure her release. We later learnt of her death on Monday morning. May her soul rest in peace,” Kankara added.

The school has put up posters and circulars to warn its student body and staff against the presence of the snakes

Snake charmers typically play a flute which the snake appears to respond to often at close striking range.

Astonishingly, the snake seems reluctant to strike despite a flared hood in the case of cobras.

In Nigeria, snake charmers physically handle cobras with their bare hands in street performances and sometimes involve members of their audience.

It is common in the northern part of Nigeria as a form of street entertainment but also as a means of advertising the possession of “special powers, charms or medicines” which are sold to onlookers.

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