Woman Jumps To Her Death Along With Cancer Stricken Son

Dubai Police’s crime department has evidence which shows that there was no criminal conspiracy behind the case of a woman who recently jumped to her death, along with her 4-year-old son from a hotel in Bur Dubai.

Officials found footage from a CCTV camera on a building on the opposite of the hotel, which rules out any foul play or involvement of a third person in the incident.

Colonel Ahmad Humaid Al Marri, director of crime scene department of criminal evidence and criminology, said that the police found two letters written by the woman.

The first letter was addressed to the police, which said that she was committing suicide as her child suffered from cancer and she couldn’t live any longer, seeing him in his painful condition. In the second one, she apologized to her husband for taking this extreme step and for depriving him of his child.

Col Al Marri revealed that while carrying out a comprehensive inspection at the scene of the incident, the police reviewed the CCTV camera footages that they found.

The footage showed that the woman – who came from a neighboring emirate and rented a room in the hotel – first threw her child from the sixth floor, and then jumped from the building.

Al Marri said that as soon as they were informed about the incident, the police rushed to the scene and took the bodies to the forensic department. He also pointed out that the fingerprints collected from the balcony indicated that it belonged to the mother alone.

On being questioned, the husband said that his wife suffered from psychological problems, and lived in delusions of the dangerous disease.

He also mentioned that he was shocked to learn that her wife had taken her own life along with that of the child.

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