Woman’s Hack For Getting Sneakers White Goes Viral

Your kicks are usually best kept as clean as possible.

It’s such an awesome feeling walking down the street in bright white sneakers that look like they’ve just been taken out of the packaging.

People with those types of shoes just hate bad weather or crowded environments as that is asking for dirty shoes; and if they’re dirty you may as well throw them in the bin.

Well not quite but after a few years of wear and tear, they’re not going to be looking fresh anymore. But now there’s a cure.

             I am a miracle worker pic.twitter.com/BeivqBtdrv

Twitter user ‘Halloween Queen’ posted an incredible before and after picture of her Converse shoes. However, this isn’t some form of witchcraft, it’s just a simple combination of household products that can get your sneakers looking very clean!

According to Queen, you’re supposed to rinse your shoes in: “Mix 1:1.5 of baking soda and detergent, scrub with toothbrush, let it sit for a while, rinse, put in washer, baby powder and dry.’

Some people were completely blown away about the transformation, with one user writing: “Girl, you could wash away humanity’s sins!”

Another said: “Wow! Nice, wish people could do same to their relationships, fixing it instead of getting new ones.”

But then out came the haters – who had the nerve to tell her she should just buy new sneakers. At around $65 each, you can’t just be getting a new pair every time a bit of dirt gets in there.

A quick tip before you go ahead: take the laces off before you chuck them into the washer as they could get caught and it also allows the detergent to get a lot of the dirt around the eyelet out.

Also, make sure you select the gentlest setting on the washer, otherwise a higher speed could bang them around. It might be worth putting the shoes in with the rest of your washing to provide a bit of a buffer.

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